Endowed Professorship Advances Fight Against Kidney Disease

Leading dialysis provider names new professorship for Dr. Martin Liebowitz

In its mission to deliver world-class, compassionate care, advance our understanding of the origins of human health and disease, and educate the healthcare professionals and biomedical investigators of the future, Stony Brook Medicine has had a valuable partner in Dialysis Clinic, Incorporated (DCI).

The largest nonprofit dialysis provider in the United States, DCI has contributed over $200 million since its founding to research and education initiatives at a variety of institutions, including more than $5 million at Stony Brook University, where a great deal of that research has been carried out by Dr. Martin Liebowitz.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Liebowitz exemplified the highest levels of dedication to medical education, patient care, and renal disease research as a clinician, a researcher, and a leader at Stony Brook Medicine. In addition, Dr. Liebowitz and his wife, Marion, have also exemplified the philanthropic commitment of Stony Brook faculty to the growth of the University through their contributions across the campus.

Now, in funding a new endowed professorship, DCI has chosen to honor Dr. Liebowitz for his contributions to the field of nephrology while empowering further research. Dr. Sandeep Mallipattu was formally invested on February 13 as the Dialysis Clinic, Incorporated-Martin Liebowitz Professor in Nephrology.

“Here at Stony Brook, training the next generation of nephrologists has been in our DNA since the inception of our medical school and hospital, thanks in large part I am sure to Dr. Liebowitz,” said Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, president of Stony Brook University. “And the active research program of our faculty, especially under Dr. Mallipattu, is dedicated to investigating more effective methods of treatment for those who suffer with this deadly disease.”

For DCI President Ed Attrill, the creation of the endowed professorship is a recognition of a valued partner, and a commitment to advancing the battle against kidney disease.

“This relationship is very important to DCI,” Attrill said. “We very much appreciate the contribution that Stony Brook University has made to DCI’s mission.”

During his tenure at Stony Brook, Dr. Mallipattu has made his own contributions to the field and to the University. He has served as an associate professor, as Chief of the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, as a physician investigator with special interest in the mechanism, prevention and innovative treatment of chronic kidney diseases, and as a mentor to more than 20 students, residents and fellows.

“Sandeep has distinguished himself in many ways, well beyond mere titles and credentials,” said Ken Kaushansky, MD, dean of the School of Medicine and vice president of Health Sciences. “He epitomizes excellence in leadership in his role at Stony Brook. This endowed professorship will further advance his groundbreaking work as he leads the division to new levels of excellence and mentors junior faculty members who seek to follow in his footsteps and rise through the ranks of the division.”

For his part, Dr. Mallipattu is acutely aware of the need for groundbreaking work in his field. “This commitment to advanced research in kidney disease is timely,” Dr. Mallipattu said, “with more than 26 million Americans afflicted with the disease, and more than half a million Americans with kidney failure requiring dialysis. It is a global epidemic, affecting more than 10 percent of the world’s population, with a disproportionate burden on developing and underdeveloped countries.

“Although many are at a crossroads today, nationally and internationally on how and whether we invest our resources in biomedical research, this endowed professorship in nephrology is a major initial step toward advancing research in kidney disease here at Stony Brook.”

As one of the pioneers of that mission, Dr. Liebowitz is looking forward to seeing how Dr. Mallipattu’s role in that mission grows over the years to come.

“I’m grateful that Dr. Mallipattu will have the opportunity to receive additional support and recognition for the work that he is doing,” Dr. Liebowitz said, “which is destined to improve the lives of many to come.”

Funding for the DCI-Martin Liebowitz Professorship in Nephrology counts toward the $600 million Campaign for Stony Brook University, the largest fundraising effort in SUNY history. For more information visit stonybrook.edu/campaign.

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