Creating a dynamic home for the arts


The mission of the Staller Center for the Arts is to educate, enlighten and entertain audiences across the University, greater community and region. We produce and present outstanding and diverse professional and university sponsored performances, exhibits and educational programs in the areas of music, dance, theater, film and fine art.

By investing in our programming, technology and outreach, the Staller Center will continue to set itself apart as the leading cultural center of excellence on Long Island. We strive to bring the most talented artists, best films and recognizable names to Stony Brook, while expanding our outreach efforts to provide educational arts experiences for students of all ages. And with support from patrons and community members, we can keep our arts programming affordable and accessible to all audiences.


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“We aspire to bring the most talented artists, best films and recognizable names to Stony Brook, while keeping tickets affordable. Additionally, we’re dedicated to expanding our outreach programs both on and off campus to provide educational arts experiences for students of all ages.”

Alan Inkles, Director



Increase Star Power of Programming

With increased funding, the Staller Center would be able to bring more talented, high profile artists. This would enhance the patron experience, provide increased recognition for the Staller Center and allow the arts to thrive in our area.

  • Staller Live Performance Season Investments
    • Attract performers like Yo Yo Ma, Harry Connick Jr., New York City Ballet, Itzhak Perlman, Jerry Seinfeld and others with an expanded budget, investing in current use or endowed funds in specific genres including dance, family, theatre, jazz and more
  • Stony Brook Film Festival
    • Create a self-funding festival by increasing corporate and private support for the hospitality, filmmaker prizes and general expenditures associated with the annual festival, without subsidy from the Friends of Staller, thus elevating the patron experience at our festival, and expanding our visibility regionally, nationally and abroad
  • Underwrite the Annual Staller Center Gala
    • Secure a donor to underwrite the gala fee and party expenditures for the special evening, with proceeds supporting both community outreach efforts as well as the Staller Center Endowment Fund, thus allowing 100% of the revenue raised to be reinvested in the Staller Center
  • Support Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery Exhibitions
    • Support specific gallery exhibitions through private, corporate and foundation funds


Expand Community Outreach

The Staller Center will continue to engage both private and corporate donors to offer more workshops, master-classes and complimentary tickets to K-12 students and non-profits in our community. This is an investment in the future of the arts, as schools continue to cut funding for arts education. With a larger endowment, we will be able to expand our reach on campus and our offerings for a diverse array of external groups and schools, creating future patrons.

  • State of the Arts Infrastructure & Technology
    • Replace outdated equipment and technology (which costs more to operate, requires frequent repairs and is less eco-friendly) with permanent upgraded sound systems, new LED lighting systems, a new fly system for the main stage, new floors for the main stage and the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, a second digital cinema projector and new seats in the main stage and recital hall
  • Endow the Director of Staller Center Position


Reflecting the Legacy of a Pioneer

In April 2013, the University newly dedicated the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery in appreciation of ongoing support from the Paul W. Zuccaire Foundation and its namesake’s daughter, Alice Jean Zuccaire.

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Petting Zoo

Staller Center Creates Magic with the Instrument Petting Zoo

More than 1,000 preschool children have experienced the Instrument Petting Zoo created by Staller Center for the Arts. Educational outreach staffers, students and professional musicians have brought the Zoo to local libraries, Head Start centers and non-profit organizations so the children can see, hear and learn about the different instrument families and play those instruments with the help of Zoo staff.

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Council Members

Robert Allen

Sergey Butkevich
Renaissance Technologies

Joseph Campolo
Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP

Kathleen de Riesthal
Stony Brook University

Marcia Montoya
Community Leader

Cary Staller
Staller Associates

Alice Zuccaire
Paul W. Zuccaire Foundation

Emeritus Members

Leith Hill
Entrepreneur, Community Leader

Marsha Laufer
Community Leader


Alan Inkles
Director, Staller Center for the Arts

Katie Stockhammer
Financial Director and Friends of Staller Center

Daria Carioscia
Development Officer

Barbara N. Wien*
Former Director,  Friends of Staller Center