By investing in people, we invest in innovation


Stony Brook has a tradition of making discoveries that wield a profound impact, from revitalizing a community around an emerging industry to changing the way millions of people around the world consume energy or receive medical care. We are committed to not only upholding that tradition, but widening its impact.

Guided by the Stony Brook University Engineering 2020 Plan and fueled by your support, we will build on our strengths, add new competencies and expand our partnerships (including Brookhaven National Laboratory) to double research activity and its impacts. We will also grow the size and caliber of our faculty, as well as recruit and retain the best young minds, and train them to become the scientific innovators the world demands.


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“The College is distinguished by the excellence and global perspective we expect and inspire in our students, and the ingenuity, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive of our faculty.”

Fotis Sotiropoulos, PhD, Dean



Research Excellence

Supporting individual researchers and pursuing partnerships to support projects with commercial potential in the following areas:

  • Biomedicine and Healthcare:
    • Leverage formidable strengths and resources in computing, visualization, imaging, materials, mechanics, nanotechnology and nanomedicine to bioengineer new biomedical research and clinical solutions
  • Energy and Environment:
    • Help drive revolutionary improvements in energy efficiency and conservation through leadership in Smart Grid technology while achieving significant affordability improvements in renewable sources
  • Security and Defense:
    • Expand current programs in cyber security and intelligent computing for public safety, gamma radiation detection, self-powered/harsh environment sensors, self-deployable structures, markers for toxin induced neuropathologies and multiphysics, multiscale reactive fluid and structure interactions
  • Computation, Computing and Software, Micro/nano-electronics and Sensors, Materials, Policy:
    • Enhance College’s role in supercomputing through The Center for Excellence in Computational Science and Engineering
    • Expand exceptional programs in semiconductor optoelectronics and photonics, sensor systems, non-silicon ultra-high-speed processor design and optical telecommunications
    • Further develop strong materials programs in thermal spray, nanomaterials and soft active materials for environmental, energy and biomedical applications, “green chemical engineering,” and crystal growth
    • Raise the quality and visibility of the New York Energy Policy Institute (NYEPI) as one of the nation’s premier technology-sophisticated energy and technology policy research organizations


Faculty Excellence

By investing in our faculty, we invest in the ongoing excellence of Stony Brook. We aim to do this by adding at least one endowed professorship in each department, supporting research efforts through seed grants and proposal development, and supporting faculty mentorship of trainees and early-career faculty.

Through these efforts, we will to develop new academic programs in chemical and molecular engineering, elevate civil and environmental engineering to department status, and expand faculty expertise in fields such as industrial engineering, bioimaging, information systems, materials science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and technology and society, among other areas. As a result, we plan to achieve parity with the average faculty-student ratios of public engineering colleges in the AAU.


Student Excellence

We are committed to developing the next generation of innovators and researchers, inspiring teachers and forward-thinking working engineers. To do this, we must sustain the current high quality of our undergraduate student body while continuing to recruit top notch graduate students.

We will do this by tripling undergraduate scholarships, increasing support for programs like EOP/AIM, STEM Smart, CStep and WISE, as well as by increasing support for service learning, experiential education and undergraduate student clubs. These activities not only provide essential out-of classroom learning experiences for our students but raise our national profile for innovation and creativity and for entrepreneurial students at all levels.

For graduate students, we must increase financial support, including fellowship stipends and tuition waivers, while enhancing graduate student office facilities, graduate student research presenting groups and resources for postdocs.  


Global and Regional Engagement

We are already leaders within Stony Brook in terms of the breadth, depth and impact of our outreach. With your support, we will increase our engagement to help stimulate the growth of competitive industry clusters as regional economic drivers.

  • Stony Brook Research and Development Park
    • Spark industrial research and development collaborations that capitalize on the Park’s proximity to the campus and contribute to its intellectual and economic vitality
  • New Venture Creation
    • Triple our contribution to the growth of new and established enterprises through our vibrant research efforts and increased entrepreneurship in our academic programs, helping to create and retain jobs regionally, statewide and nationally
  • Innovation-driven Industry Clusters
    • Align our growth with recognized industry clusters across the region and the state by tripling our investment in Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) and existing outreach programs, accelerating the transfer of technology to the private sector, and bringing our academic and research resources to bear on relevant industry needs and opportunities
  • Global Reach
    • Expand academic programs in the Pacific Rim
    • Elevate our international profile with the presentation of our sixth Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology conference in Korea this year – the first outside the U.S.
    • Create visiting scholar and student funding opportunities to attract international faculty and learners from around the globe


Significant Figures

In July 2015, College Factual ranked Stony Brook as the third-best college for a degree in applied mathematics among all public and private colleges and universities in the U.S.

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